T Shirts

Imageit-UK use a number of different applications and the latest technology printing to produce t shirts for any occasion.
  • Hen/Stag Do's
  • Parties
  • Promotions
  • Events
  • Team Kits
  • 1 off personal designs for everyday wear
  • Company logos
  • Work wear.
We offer 3 different methods for printing t shirts. 
Transfer printing, dye sublimation printing and cut vinyl press. 

Transfer prints -  are perfect for temporary disposable t shirts suitable for an event or promotion. Transfers work best on lighter material.

Dye Sublimation t shirts - this process if perfect for photos and detailed designs. They are made to last and can be washed many times. These t shirts are made of atleast 80% polyester.

Cut vinyl transfer - Our most popular t shirt process is vinyl pressed. This is ideal for company logos, hen/stag do's and team kits. This is a robust and stretchy material that is made to last years. We have a full range of vinyl colours and they can be pressed onto any material.

TS01 Standard A4 Transfer  (exc VAT)£10.00
TS02 Standard A4 Transfer with t shirt  (inc VAT)£12.00
TS03 Standard Vinyl Print  (inc VAT)£10.00
TS03 Standard Vinyl Print with t shirt  (inc VAT)£15.00
TS04 Standard Dye Sublimation  (inc VAT)£10.00
TS05 Standard Dye Sublimation with t shirt  (inc VAT)£15.00