Vehicle Magnetics are the ideal solution for dual purpose vehicles.

If you want to advertise your company or business on your personal vehicle you can now do it with the added convenience of removable magnetic signs.

  • Applied or removed in seconds.
  • Your logo, graphics and/or lettering can be printed in full colour onto our high quality, flexible material. 
  • Easy to clean and maintain, these signs are suitable for all vehicles.
Quoted prices are per pair of magnetic signs for each side of the vehicle.

Commonly used for taxis, doctors cars etc.
MS001 Magnetic Signs 8" x 24"  (exc VAT)£40.00
MS002 Magnetic Signs 12' x 12"  (exc VAT)£35.00
MS003 Magnetic Signs 12" x 24"  (exc VAT)£58.00
MS005 Magnetic Signs 16" x 24"  (exc VAT)£68.00
MS006 Magnetic Signs 24" x 24"  (exc VAT)£72.00